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Learning at Home Effectively

Actualizado: 28 oct 2023

Is it going to English classes enough to learn the language? Or are there other things I can do by myself?

Nowadays is essential to be able to speak and communicate in English. Furthermore, in some countries it is a requirement in some studies and work. For instance, you need to hold a B1 English certificate in order to finish your university degree. Or to apply for any position at work, the more knowledge of English you have the easier to get a promotion is.

English is more a language than a school subject, so in the same way you learned to speak in your mother tongue, you should learn English.

Having said that, we can certainly imagen that this is a language race in which the first getting the higher level of English will be the conquer. For this reason, people are taking this issue more seriously and not happy with the school/college language teaching system, attend to private lessons to improve their skills. But, is it that enough? Does this ensure my success in this topic? Although for some people would be sufficient, most students should make an extra effort outside the classrooms and use some techniques at home.

Watch a Film in English.

Everyone watches films in streaming in differente platform such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, ... The great thing of these platforms is that you can select the language. It is a fantastic tool to improve you listening skill, as you are watching your favorite show while learning English.

Use Social Media.

Some researches show that young people spend an average of 5 hours a day using their favorite social media platforms. To make a well use of this, it would be to consume English content for at least one hour of that time, by doing so we would see a considerable improvement. There are some academies sharing posts and hashtags, for example #thetresseffect, #yotress, ..., that it would be worth to follow.

Friend meetings.

We all have friends in the same situation as us, everyone wants or needs to practice, so a nice idea would be to meet with friends and have discussions of appealing topics in English.

As you can see there are some other things you could do on your own to learn English. If there is an effective way you are using and would like to share, please leave a comment.

Jose Martínez

Director de Academia de Inglés TRESS

Jose enseña a adolescentes y adultos de todos los niveles

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